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The 5th Young Scientist Forum of Planetary Sciencewill be held on 25-29 March 2023 in Sanya, China. This meeting aims to provide a platform for young scientists to explore the frontier of planetary science.

About "Young Scientist Forum of Planetary Science"

"Young Scientist Forum of Planetary Science" is initiated by the Chinese young planetary scientists, with well-known International planetary scientists as consultants, outstanding young scientists as the core, and young scholars and graduate students as the main body, to build a regular and organized exchange and cooperation platform. The forum is developed on the basis of the "Earth and Planetary Science Youth Forum" initiated by the group of the Institute of Geology and Geophysics of the Youth Innovation Promotion Association of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Since its establishment in 2016, it has been hosted by the Institute of Geology and Geophysics, the Institute of Geochemistry, the Qinghai Salt Lake Institute, Shandong University, etc., attracting the participation of many young scholars and graduate students from within and outside the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and cultivating a group of young talents in planetary science through summer training courses. With the arrival of China’s first planetary science probe "Tianwen-1" on Mars, the landing of the Zhurong rover on Mars, and the return of Chang’e-5 with lunar soil, China's planetary science finally has its own exploration data, and China's planetary science development will also set sail and enter a new era. In order to provide a platform for young scientists to explore the frontier of planetary science, young researchers organized and established aCouncil of Young Scientist Forum of Planetary Science in 2021, which is responsible for the organization and management of the "Young Scientist Forum of Planetary Science".



1. Meeting Arrangement

1.1 Conference scientific themes

(1) Planetary surface geological processes 

Conveners: Liu Yang, Xiao Zhiyong, Zhao Yuyang, Li Yang, Lin Honglei, Qiao Le

(2) Planetary internal dynamics 

Conveners: Kong Dali, Ni Dongdong, Zhang Zhigang, Lin Yufeng

(3) Planetary lithosphere and internal structure 

Conveners: Zhang Jinhai, Sun Weijia, Xu Changyi, Ding Min

(4) Planetary atmosphere

Conveners: Yang Jun, Guo Jianheng, Chen Guo, Cai Tao, Wu Zhaopeng

(5) Interplanetary and planetary space environment

Conveners: Ni Binbin, Shi Quanqi, Yao Zhonghua, Guo Jianpeng, Yue Chao, Guo Jingnan 

(6) Planetary system formation and dynamics

Conveners: Zhou Liyong, Bai Xuening, Liu Beibei, Tian Zhenliang,Weixing

(7) Extraterrestrial samples and planetary chemistry

Conveners: Hui Hejiu, Yang Wei, Hu Sen, Du Wei, Tang Haolan, Fu Xiaohui

(8) Small objects, comets, and dust dynamics

Conveners: Yan Jianguo, Yu Yang, Shi Xian, Zhao Yuhui

(9) Exoplanets

Conveners: Wang Wei, Xie Jiwei, Wang Xuesong, Dou Jiangpei, Yan Fei, Ma Bo

(10) Astrobiology

Conveners: Li Yiliang, Lin Wei, Yin Zongjun, Qu Yuangao, Liu Cuiyan and David Flannery

(11) Planetary exploration program and technology, equipment support

Conveners: He Fei, Zhang Xianguo, Zhao Haibin, Zhang Xiaojing

(12) Physical properties in planetary extreme environments

Conveners: Qi Chao, Liu Jin, Cui Xiangbin

(13) Asteroid defense and utilization

Conveners: Li Mingtao, Wang Fengyu

(14) The discipline development and popularization of planetary sciences 

Conveners: Liu Yong, Mao Yongna, Yuan Zhengzhou, Song Yuhuan

(15) Geomagnetism and planetary magnetism 

Convener: Wei Yong

1.2 Abstract submission

Please submit abstract online by March 7, 2023

1.3 Conference website

1.4 Meeting accommodation

Participants are recommended to choose hotels around the Maotai Resort in Haitang Bay

1.5 Registration fee


Payment online via scanning the QR code by Wechat. Please ask your Chinese colleagues for help if you choose this method.

1.6 Schedule


1.7 Poster

(1) Exhibition and product introduction: Provide conditions for various units and manufacturers during the conference to display and introduce products and technical achievements. Contact: Wu Ran 15600350085 /

(2) POSTER requirements: 90cm (width) X 120cm (height), will remind tape, both tape and scissors will be provided by volunteers.

(3) Excellent Paper Award Selection: According to the number of young participants in each topic, a certain proportion of outstanding young paper awards will be selected, and the list of winners will be read out at the closing ceremony and award certificates will be issued.



2. Meeting time

March 25, 2023, Conference Registration

March 26-29, 2023, Presentations and Discussions



3. Conference Venue

Maotai Resort in Haitang Bay

No. 6, Haitang South Road, Haitang District, Sanya, Hainan Province




4. Meeting services

Conference leader: Le Huijun 13811663724 /

Academic leader: Rong Zhaojin 13581633502 / 

Conference Manager: Wu Ran 15600350085 /

Conference Affairs Team Member: Song Yuhuan 13661349288 /

Members of the conference team: Zhao Yanan 18811386654 /


5. Organization


Planetary Science Youth Forum Council

Youth Innovation Promotion Association, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Undertaking Units:

Institute of Geology and Geophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Planetary Physics Committee of Chinese Geophysical Society

College of Earth and Planetary Sciences, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences


Group of Institute of Geology and Geophysics, Youth Promotion Association, Chinese Academy of Sciences 

Group of Aerospace Information Innovation Research Institute, Youth Promotion Association, Chinese Academy of Sciences 

School of Atmospheric Sciences, Sun Yat-sen University 

Editorial Department of The Innovation

Organizing Committee of Young Scientist Forum of Planetary Science

Feb. 10, 2023


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